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Sunday, August 29, 2010

On GMA, focus was placed on how germs are spread due to the swine flu outbreak, which took a look at the places in daily life that are the most germiest, lead by their technology coordinator, Beck Worley. The segment was to help people protect themselves with the latest gadgets.

According to recent studies, the objects in our lives most germ infested are keyboards (3,295 germs per square inch), computer mice (1,676 germs per square inch), the microwave handles, handles to water fountains, desktops (20,961 germs per square inch) and telephones (25,127 germs per square inch) which top the lists. Surprisingly, fax machines (301 germs per square inch), copy machines (69 germs per square inch), and the toilet seat (49 germs per square inch) were less of a threat then previously though, according to University of Arizona research.

Gadgets That Are Germ Safer

The Keyboard: These usually get cleaned by normal compressed air but it doesn't truly clean the keyboard. With the Unotron Airtight Keyboard and Mouse combination, cleaning is as simple as washing your dishes. Both gadgets can be washed by hand in your kitchen sink with soap and water.
Many school districts around the country are buying these up.

The Remote: Replace your old germy remote with the Seal Shield TV Remote, that was originally designed for hospitals and hotels. The remote uses an antibacterial plastic designed to reduce germ growth and to be cleaned up using a disinfectant wipe. While a wipe will work, the remote is also designed to be washed in soap and water, and can also be tossed into the dishwasher.

The Cell Phone: While nothing specifically has come out, Motorola has added its newly developed high-tech coating to some phone models. This coating has a antimicrobial additive that can then be painted on safe surfaces of the phone.

The Sanitizer: Ever wanted a special wand for zapping those germs? Well the Germ Guardian Sanitizing Wand is here! A rechargeable cordless hand wand looking rather similar to a flashlight, the wand emits UVC light, killing up to 99% of germs. Wave it over items like furniture, bedding, shoes or counter tops and germs should be zapped in about 20 seconds. No magic words needed.

Germ Fighting's Future

As always, MIT professors and students are hard at work developing anti-microbial paints that can be sprayed on door handles, subway handrails or hospital walls. The hope is these liquids would prevent the transmission of flu and other viruses but the project is still on the research table and is not available for commercial use just yet.

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