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Friday, January 29, 2010

POSMarket Introduce cash register rentals to service the needs of a large market.

Sydney NSW - 7 April 2008 - Online based point of sale company POSMarket, has added cash register rentals to their growing list services. Companies holding temporary sales or wishing to trial a particular model were quickly satisfied with POSMarkets' new service; Enabling companies across Australia to rent cash registers on a short term basis at competitive rates.

'We have had quite a lot of enquires from companies looking for rental services.' POSMarkets' Sales Manager, Shilla Lai commented 'We felt there was a gap in the market and decided to fill it.' POSMarkets' plans include expanding the rental market to eventually include all point of sale equipment. Ms Lai added 'we currently offer cash registers, card printers, label printers and barcode scanners. We hope to expand this range in the near future to enable complete point of sale rental packages to be created.'

As a growing company, POSMarket desires to expand its hold of the market by providing extra services to it clients. Cash register rentals are just one of the ways that they are hoping to do so. With rental prices starting from $139.65 per week, POSMarket endeavours to ensure that products are attainable by all kinds of businesses, both large and small.

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