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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For the first time ever the 2010 Sydney Film Festival will be using an app that is specifically designed for the iPhone for ticketing. The iPhone application, named SFF2010 was developed by the Australian software company eFirst. By using the SFF2010 app users will be able to purchase tickets to the festival on their phone with their credit card. The tickets will then be sent to the phone in the form of a barcode that can be scanned at the door.

Although sending tickets via SMS and MMS has been in use for many years, according to the Sydney Festival this is the first time in Australia that purchasing and ticketing have been done a phone, all thanks to the new app on the iPhone.

eFirst and the Sydney Film Festival made sure that the application had more uses than just displaying the barcode. The application also has other features for app users once they are at the festival. The app allows users to browse and search the program based on date, venue, pathway, and country. It has trailers of the films that are to be shown, and has a daily "What's On" feature to show what is playing. The app will also show what sessions are selling the fastest to make sure that people can get to see the movies that they want. The Festival's Official Competition will also be updated on the app so that users can be kept up do date. Finally the app features gossip and the latest news about the festival with convinent one-touch access to the Sydney Film Festival's official Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels.

The app is only available for iPhones and the Sydney Film Festival runs from Wednesday, June 2 to Monday, June 14 2010, and is sure to be successful due to the app that they have created.

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