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kc1000 standard keyboard jk 0800
Cherry KC-1000
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $18.95
(including GST)

Cherry KC-1000 is a rock-solid keyboard with an excellent price/performance ratio. MOdern flat design with gentle, quiet and durable wear resistant keys. universal, reliable and optimised for ...

g84 4100 compact keyboard series g84 4100
Cherry G84-4100
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $120.18
(including GST)

Perfection for even the smallest of spaces. This compact keyboard is the perfect solution for users with only limited space available and low weight requirements. For example, applications in ...

mx board 6
Cherry MX Board 6.0
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $325.26
(including GST)

The CHERRY MX BOARD 6.0 is the first in its class. A keyboard like a precision instrument. Faster than any other. More accurate than any other. Pure in its concept and quality. Uncompromisingly ...

dw 5000 wireless desktop keybooard  mouse combination dw5000
Cherry DW-5000
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $45.60
(including GST)

The compact and high-quality DW 5000 desktop set from CHERRY, featuring a multifunctional keyboard and high-precision optical mouse, provides the accustomed quality and wireless functionalities.

mx board 2
Cherry MX Board 2.0
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $77.07
(including GST)

The successor to the legendary G80-3000 keyboard with the proven MX quality. The CHERRY MX board 2.0 is an extraordinary keyboard featuring the legendary individual mechanical MX keys. Their ...

g80 3494 mx board silent 104 key business keyboard g80 3494
Cherry G80-3494 MX-Board
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $155.44
(including GST)

The G80-3000 has been one of the most popular mechanical keyboards on the market for decades, having become a true classic. Thanks to a purist feature set, a timeless design and its outstanding ...

spos g86 62401 compact keyboard series g86 62401
Cherry G86-62401
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $220.76
(including GST)

Full QWERTY Key Layout in compact 360mm Form Factor Combines maximum space efficiency with uncompromised Alpha Numeric Data entry. USB Interface with Touchpad. For professional commercial use, ...

g84 5500 xs keyboard series with touchpad g84 5500
Cherry G84-5500 XS
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $191.13
(including GST)

Small flat and extremely robust. The XS Touchpad Keyboard G84-5500 combines comfortable mouse control with compact dimensions. The mouse can be controlled easily and precisely via the large ...

g81 8000 multiboard v2 business keyboard with msr  smartcard reader g81 8040
Cherry G81-8000 V2
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $213.13
(including GST)

Programmable compact keyboard with built-in magnetic card reader and Smartcard reader. Are you looking for a robust and reliable keyboard with programmable magnetic card reader? The MultiBoard ...

g80 11900 touchboard business keyboard series g80 11900
Cherry G80-11900
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $248.19
(including GST)

Compact keyboard with built-in touchpad, The multifunctional TouchBoard is the perfect solution for limited spaces in situations requiring the functions of a mouse. Particularly in hard industrial ...

k line 847 industrial std keyboard with touchpad panel mount version fixing studs tpk847
Tipro K-Line 847
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $468.94
(including GST)

K-Line keyboards are robust and durable input devices intended for applications (e.g.factory automation) in mechanically and chemically stressful environments. Omron’s B3F short-travel mechanical ...

g84 5400 xs keyboard series with trackball g84 5400
Cherry G84-5400 XS
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $233.82
(including GST)

Small flat and extremely robust. The XS Trackball Keyboard G84-5400 combines comfortable mouse control with compact dimensions. With the optical trackball with two mouse keys the cursor can ...

mid range qm128a keyboard module midqm128
Tipro MID Range QM128A
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $171.88
(including GST)

Tipro QWERTY Key Keyboard Module for the MID Range products

g84 5200 xs complete keyboard series g84 5200
Cherry G84-5200 XS
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $142.38
(including GST)

Small flat and extremely robust. The compact keyboard XS Complete G84-5200 offers a full keyboard layout complete with number block and is ideal for all applications with limited space and requiring ...

mpos mini pos keyboard series g86 514xx
Cherry G86-514XX
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $168.51
(including GST)

Reduced-size Mini POS Keyboard with enhanced 83 Key layout, Fully Programmable. Offers IP54 rating and optional Magnetic Card reader

mini industrial keyboard series g86 52400
Cherry G86-52400
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $154.14
(including GST)

Mini Industrial Keyboard G86-52400 Series with Enhanced 83 Key Layout, IP54 rated for Spill and Dust Resistance in harsh environments.

g81 3000 business keyboard series g81 3000
Cherry G81-3000
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $53.63
(including GST)

The reliable standard PC keyboard. Timeless design and optimal usability - this standard keyboard for professional applications fulfils your every need. The hydride technology ensures completely ...

ck82s 82 key washable keyboard with touchpad tgck82s
TG3 Electronics CK82S
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $287.38
(including GST)

82 Key Washable Keyboard. Fully sealed wrapped in Silicone. Designed for use in wet areas and medical use

dw 8000 wireless designer desktop keyboard  mouse combination dw8000c
Cherry DW-8000
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $147.61
(including GST)

The CHERRY DW 8000 is state-of-the-art Wireless Keyboard & Mouse combination using CHERRY technology in a pure, modern design. Beautiful, flat, high-quality. Today´s way of typing and clicking.

j84 2120 backlit washable keyboard with pointing device j84 2120
Cherry J84-2120
Keyboards > QWERTY
From: $321.75
(including GST)

Corded, Washable, Backlit Keyboard with integrated pointing device for Medical and Industrial Applications

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