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Cino: Company DescriptionLarge Or Small Scanning Jobs Are Easy With Cino !

The new electronically digital world has forever changed the face of retailers, warehousing, manufacturing and countless other businesses. Our everyday world has been taken over by computers and advanced data applications which were once done manually by hand. With the advent of bar-coding and POS equipment shop keepers and merchandisers now use scanners for the ease of running their businesses in all types of applications from counting stock to pricing items just to name a few.

We now have decoders, handheld scanners, integrated scan engines and more. There is a scanner that is perfect for any scrutinizing or scanning job; large or small that’s needs to be done!

Cino is a global innovative company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of scanners. Scanning automation, specialized features and a product at the right price is the Cino promise. This amazing company is a powerful commodity combining the IT- and AIDC- industries to deliver outstanding and excellent works in both marketing and engineering operations

Cino Brand Brings Excellence To The Following Technologies:
*ASIC design & development
*Bar code reading & decoding
*Bluetooth & WLAN integrations
*Image capture & reconstruction
*Magnetic stripe technology
*Moving mechanism control
*Networking technology
*Power management
*Precise optics
*RFID technology
*RF communications (narrow-band & spread-spectrum)
*Smart card technology
*System software ( driver, OS, compiler, and applications )
*Thermal printing technology

Cino FBC-4360 Handheld Scanner is both streamlined and ergonomically designed with a rugged exterior. Its brilliant readability certainly maximizes productivity and reliability ensuring that the vigorous demands of retailers, commercial or general applications are met. This unit is also equipped with universal interfaces which will support most systems.

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