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Datalogic: Company Description Datalogic : Recognized As A Global Leader In ADCM

Recognized as a global leader in the ADCM (Automatic Data Capture Market); Datalogic is the correlation of transferring physical data into a digital or electronic output of our ever changing technological world (IT). In other words; Datalogic is the physical link between things and the information associated to things. Data capture is there to speed all of the processes in our daily lives whether they are shopping, travel or even medical tests we may undergo- Datalogic is always there to lend a hand!

Datalogic is structured into 3 autonomous companies: Automation, Mobile and Scanning. The applications of each are unique with very different functions, solutions and products supplied to various types of businesses.

Datalogic Automation (head-quarters in Italy with 5 main product groups)
This section includes POS barcode scanners and self-checkout systems including department and specialty stores, supermarkets, mass merchandisers and drugstores.
Datalogic Mobile: (head-quarters in Italy with 2 business units)

This is mostly tailored to distribution, warehousing and retail sectors; including vehicle-mount, batch and wireless portable and fixed-station data collection terminals. It also includes program development tools, connectivity software, complete warehouse management systems and wireless networks.

Datalogic Scanning: (head-quarters in US with 2 business units)
We see a line of impressive handheld barcode scanners and bar code scan engines which provide automated data collection solutions in the general retail, food, health care, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and other industries.

There is a separate fourth area of expertise from Datalogic . This is called Informatics, which is also head-quartered in the US specializing in System ID and the WASP Barcode.

Datalogic Products

  • Datalogic Desktop Accessories
  • Datalogic Cordless Scanner
  • Datalogic Services
  • Datalogic Warranties
  • Datalogic Batteries
  • Datalogic PDA Systems
  • Datalogic Scales
  • Datalogic Bundles
  • Datalogic Software
  • Datalogic Portable Data Terminals
  • Datalogic Mobile Computers
  • Datalogic Accessories
  • Datalogic Presentation Scanners
  • Datalogic Barcode Scanners
  • Datalogic Cables
  • Datalogic Power Supplies
  • Datalogic Stands and Mounts
  • Datalogic Scanner Accessories
  • Datalogic Data Terminal
  • Datalogic 2D Imaging Scanners
  • Datalogic Mobile Accessories
  • Datalogic Customer Pole Displays

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