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LXE: Company DescriptionLXE Inc: Mobile Computing Solutions Designed For Rugged Conditions

LXE Inc is based in America which was started as EMS technologies in 1970. It manufactures mobile computing solutions for warehouse, distribution, cold storage and outdoor logistics application. It manufactures hand held computers, vehicle mount computers, hands free computers that can be worn, voice enabled computers, scanners imagers and network products. LXE is world renown for assisting companies by enabling corporate networks to communicate with mobile workers in demanding or rugged conditions through the provision of easy-to-use, sturdy and dependable wireless computers. It’s no wonder that LXE is the leader in supplying strong vehicle mount, handheld and wearable mobile computers throughout the world.

Applications that suit LXE mobile computing solutions include:

*Manufacturing: Quality control, inventory optimization to traceability with several software applications that maximize efficiencies and reduce costs.
*Warehousing & Distribution: LXE computers are the ideal solution for any distribution and warehousing operations with increased worker productivity guaranteed.
*3PL - Third Party Logistics: LXE means your 3PL operation runs smoothly and efficiently allowing you to pick, pack, trace and track all orders competently with accuracy effortlessly and quickly.
*Ports & Intermodal: LXE products withstand the rugged conditions and environment of seaports and rail yards making data collection easy.
*Outdoor Data Collection: LXE's ultra-rugged computers mean that outdoor operations are simple and will definitely keep moving whether it be forestry, agriculture or parking applications.

Whether you are servicing equipment out in the field, tracking assets and inventories or mapping an area with GPS; computing mobility and real time information away from the office is vital for a wide variety of different businesses. LXE has the right solution for those outdoor challenges including rain, sunlight and dirt which can interfere with productivity and the task at hand.

Take a look onsite for a range of LXE mobile computing equipment that will enable you to get the job done right and with ease despite the conditions that the natural elements.

Support: The LXE website has downloads for instruction manuals, software reference, hardware reference and data sheet as well as a helpdesk for all enquiries.

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