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Posiflex: Company Description Posiflex : One-Stop Shopping Total Solutions & Superior 4R Policy

Posiflex Technology Inc. started in 1984 making PCs and PC peripherals to dabbling in POS solutions for a variety of applications in 1991. It has since transformed itself into the world leader we see today that manufactures POSIFLEX POS Terminals and POS related peripherals in its own factories and certified laboratory in Taiwan

Well known for its famous 4R Policy: Revolutionary Technology, Reliable Quality, Reasonable price & recognized Service; Posiflex has been awarded both national and international awards and has over 30 patents worldwide for excellence and ingenuity.

Their company mission is combine modern technologies and electronics with lifestyles and convenience making solutions user or human-friendly rather than robotic or as Posiflex so well phrase it: the transformation from a "Machine-centric" to a "Human-centric" world. This truly innovative company hopes to provide the world with one-stop shopping total solutions that are easy to implement and user-friendly.

Posiflex products include: Bar Code Scanners, Cash Drawers, Customer Pole Displays, POS Terminals, touch terminals, magnetic Stripe Readers, programmable Keyboards, Monitors, POS Printers, Phase-Out Items and system Attachments.

Poxiflex POS products and solutions are suitable for a variety of applications including: Banking, Information Services, Logistics, Retail, Manufacturing and many others.

Poxflex provides value-added, cost effective and easy to use innovavtive solutions making life a little easier in the POS world.

We have a very wide range of Poxflex products available for you to buy and our staff is happy to assist you with any enquiries you may have regarding any questions you may have. Full support and FAQ are on the manufacturer’s website should you wish to view products and solutions in more detail.

Posiflex Products

  • Posiflex Accessories
  • Posiflex Barcode Scanners
  • Posiflex Bundles
  • Posiflex Cables
  • Posiflex Card Readers
  • Posiflex Cash Drawers
  • Posiflex Customer Pole Displays
  • Posiflex Input Devices
  • Posiflex Keyboards
  • Posiflex Magnetic Stripe Readers
  • Posiflex Miscellaneous
  • Posiflex Mobile Computers
  • Posiflex Monitors
  • Posiflex Other POS Equipment
  • Posiflex PC POS Systems
  • Posiflex POS Box Systems
  • Posiflex POS Displays
  • Posiflex POS Monitors
  • Posiflex POS Printers
  • Posiflex POS Systems
  • Posiflex Power Supplies
  • Posiflex Programmable Keyboards
  • Posiflex Receipt Printers
  • Posiflex Signature Pads
  • Posiflex Tablets
  • Posiflex Touch Monitors
  • Posiflex Touch POS Terminals
  • Posiflex Touch Screen Systems
  • Posiflex Touch Terminals
  • Posiflex TVs and Monitors
  • Posiflex Warranties

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