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Plastic Card Printers

POSMarket's wide range of receipt and ticket printers and associated media includes a solution for any environment or application. Whether you're seeking fixed, mobile, or RFID printers, or media including labels, receipts, tags, ribbons, and RFID media, POSMarket has the tools and configurations your business depends on. We can also supply you with software, configuration and installation services to tie it all together.

Ideal for corporate and student IDs, membership cards, gift cards and more. Some models even allow you to customize security features such as encoding contact or contact-less smart cards.Dual sided cards, print images and data on both sides of the card automatically, without the need to manually turn the card over.Get everything you need to start printing ID cards in one bundle.
With Reverse-Transfer printers, images are first printed onto a thin film, then heat-transferred onto the card surface. This produces a high resolution glossy image, printed right over the edge of the card.Get all of your card printer consumables right here. We stock a large range of plastic cards, colour ribbons and more...From cables to power supplies to magnetic stripe encoders and more. All your card printer accessories can be found here.
The supply of plastic card printers and plastic card issuance systems is an essential part of POS applications in today’s varied industry types as so many businesses are dependent upon the use of plastic cards in all manner of applications from security access to cashless transactions at the cash register as well as countless other solutions.

Technology has undoubtedly simplified the task of printing plastic cards with the invention of specialized card printers that make it almost child’s play! It’s simply a matter of choosing the design and style of the card you desire, and then printing it. This fabulous electronic plastic printing device delivers quality personalized plastic cards complete with any pertinent information like the details within security ID cards, credit cards and so on embedded within smart card options.

Some businesses may require a card printing solution to print and process as many as 30,000 plastic cards every single business day with many printers having to handle more than a million plastic cards during their lifetime!

Choosing the best plastic card printer depends on the nature of your printing needs, such as the number of cards you will need to produce in a given period of time. It’s also important to consider the overall performance, quality of printing and access control features as well as the initial printer purchase cost and price per card cost.

Tips To Consider When Choosing An ID Or Plastic Card Printer
1. Single Or Double-Sided Printing: Ascertain if you require double sided printing on your plastic card or just single sided.

2. Do you need monochrome color and full color plastic cards?
Black ink or monochrome is definitely the cheaper option and it’s also much quicker as printing only takes around 5 seconds per card. Of course full color looks better especially regarding realistic photos for ID cards. Color printing is obviously more expensive.

3. Smart Card Options: If you require a smart card that can store all manner of information it will require a magnetic strip or barcode which has smart chips encoded with the relevant info.

4. Security: Likewise if your cards need to be secure will require different plastic card printer solutions than a standard low security card meaning you should take inventory of what you require your cards for. Need to also laminate your card? You’ll need a photo ID printer with a special station. There’s quite a bit to consider isn’t there?

5. Volume: Just how many cards do you need to print? Most plastic card printers can handle around 30,000 cards annually but if you require more than this; choose a plastic card printer designed for high volume applications.

6. Overall Card Life Expectancy: Also consider the life expectancy of the plastic card as abrasive swiping usage will wear them out more quickly than the occasional flash at the local grocery store.

We stock a fabulous range of quality Zebra and Evolis Card Printers, Card Production Software and Card Readers along with an extensive range of plastic card accessories that suit the various devices we carry. We promise to provide the latest products, information and superior support from these two high quality plastic card printer manufacturers.
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