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Monday, September 19, 2011

Choosing the right kind of barcode scanner for your business can be a real challenging task, most especially if you do not know how to how start and what to pick. Considering how important the role of these barcode readers in your business, it is but fitting and right to exert some time and some effort in researching and looking for the perfect scanner that suits your taste, need and budget.

When buying barcode scanners, the first thing that you have to concern yourself with would be the type of barcodes that you are going to be scanning. Determining the type of barcode that you will be dealing with is very crucial as there are two types of barcodes.

Generally, there are two types of barcode scanners. 1D barcodes have three types of symbologies. There is the code 39, the code 128 and the UPC. Universal Product Codes are what is commonly used on stores while the other two are usually used in tacking inventory and such. If you are not that sure about the symbology that you will be using, better confirm and double check it first before acquiring a 1D barcode scanner.

2D barcodes on the other hand are what is commonly used in things like driver's license, package tracking and such. These types of barcodes store more information compared than the latter. While they are less popular than the 1D, the main selling point of 2D is its ability to be scanned even if it is damaged or destroyed.
Remember that 1D barcodes are far different from 2D barcodes. If you have acquired a 1D barcode scanner and you will be dealing with 2D barcodes, trouble will surely come up as you can not use a 1D reader on 2D barcodes and vice versa. Familiarize yourself with the barcodes that you normally deal with in your operations. If you are a store with lots of merchandise, you will probably need a 1D scanner as you are dealing with 1D barcodes.

Before buying or committing to buy a barcode scanner, make sure that you are overly familiar with your system. There are a lot of types and brands, do you research, ask around. Considering the fact that barcode readers do not come for free, it is but right to get all the information that you possibly can. There is no point in hurrying or settling for less as getting the wrong type can cause major problems in the long run.

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