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Monday, June 28, 2010

Forget about searching from something using keywords or text, Bing is now offering image based searches. Using complex algorithms, the Bing App for the iPhone is a revolutionary way to obtain information.

Google has provided users of the Andriod OS, the operating system that powers the super-phones, Droid and MyTouch, with a unique way of finding information for a while now. By using Google’s Goggles, a simple picture can be the search term for a query. By snapping a quick photo of a book or bar code, information about that image or product can be retrieved and obtained.

Using this as inspiration the team at Microsoft has introduced a new piece of technology that will allow them to compete directly with Google’s Goggles. Ported for the iPhone, the new search engine, Bing, is now providing users with the same functionality. The Bing app has been updated so images can now be used for searches. Competition between Google and Microsoft will hopefully lead to Google’s Goggles being available on more platforms and not exclusively on Google Phones running the Andriod Operating System.

The uses are diverse but there are currently some limitations with the updated Bing app. It is able to recognize thousands of books, compact discs, and bar codes, but currently does not have the ability to recognize monuments and objects like Goggles can. With the Bing application and using the iPhone’s WiFi or 3G connectivity, information can be sent quickly and reliably. This is the first implementation of this image search feature and hopefully Bing will add more functionality in the future.

The recently updated Bing app, complete with the new advanced image searching feature is freely available for download at Apple’s app store. It is currently one of the most popular apps and has a very high rating by users.

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