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Friday, August 20, 2010

One of the leaders of the photography arena, Canon has now announced in a big event and shown off the new Studio Version of its ever popular EOS 7D DSLR camera. The new Studio Version design has given the camera some essential and useful features, for anyone that uses it, making it a very versatile option in photography gear. These new features also have an added benefit to any professional photographer that might occasionally and reluctantly be forced to share their Studio Version EOS 7D DSLR would greatly appreciate. The new Studio Version now comes with an unprecedented four levels of locks, which allow the camera's main owner to quickly and easily determine with functions and settings can be changed and which ones are even accessible to the camera's temporary owner.

While it may seem like an over abundance of protective measures, when dealing with one's own camera, there is never enough security. How horrible would any camera owner feel if they had allowed their main piece of photography equipment to be borrowed by someone else and then all their previous work got "accidentally" deleted? Or having settings that were so pain-staking set up after hours of testing and fiddling were quickly wiped out by someone doing their own playing with the settings? With the new level of security that only Canon can conjure on the Studio Version EOS 7D DSLR, professional photographers are guaranteed an experience that will out do any other camera on the market. Aside from that, the camera is capable of reading barcode information and storing it on the picture's EXIF data, an added advantage to those in the retail industry. The EOS 7D Studio Version is currently available, and will set you back $2,599 for the camera and the WFT-E5A barcode kit, or $1,829 for the body only.

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