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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Motorola Inc. has revealed the G30 GSM/GPRS LGA series of wireless modules. These are the most recent addition to its portfolio that services Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions. Designed specifically for the M2M area, LGA or land grid array modules are a very reliable platform for industries and business alike.

Many qualities of the G30 are optimized for a variety of different uses. The G30 is compact and robust which makes useful in telematics, electronic point of sale, and security applications. The Automated metering industry and other M2M arenas also benefit from the innovative G30 modules.

Shamai Wasserman, vice president Motorola Israel, strategy & business development, & director of Motorola Wireless Modules Business Unit, made a statement regarding the G30 modules.

“The G30 is consistent with Motorola’s tradition as a wireless leader providing superior products that fulfill market requirements. This latest addition further strengthens Motorola’s commitment to the M2M market, serving its customers with the latest technological advancements to help them design cost effective and reliable solutions.”

The small dimensions (32.2 x 20.8 x 3.4mm) make the G30 GSM/GPRS LGA module accessible for the smallest of host devices. Mounting the G30 is provided through the SMT, or surface mount technology. This does away with the need to use board to board connectors or RF cables. This adds to the G30’s cost effectiveness.

In addition to including a TCP/IP stack, the G30 also supports the 3GPP 7.05, 7.07, and 7.10 protocols, and a range of commands that are proprietary to Motorola. An application processor and a FOTA, firmware over the air, are measures of flexibility provided by the programmable M2M G30 module.

The quality assurance that Motorola provides is exemplified in the G30 module. The module was designed with strict layout and testing requirements that show the Motorola is dedicated to provide the best product for integrators.

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