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Monday, May 25, 2020

With the outbreak and ongoing restrictions from COVID-19, businesses have had to rethink the way they operate and interact with customers. The way people shop & dine will be completely different to anything we are used to.

Current business systems, especially in the hospitality & retail industries, are not set up to accommodate these new changes. All businesses are having to work out individual processes & plans to suit their requirements and protect customers and staff.

We are here to help. POSMarket has been building & implementing custom and "outside the square" business solutions since 2005. If you need a custom solution to help your business thrive in these changing times, please contact us for a consultation.

Below are some current solutions helping local Australian businesses:

People Counter
Maintain social distancing requirements by monitoring the number of people in your store. The People Counter tracks Entries & Exits and displays a Live counter on a monitor(s). You can set a capacity limit and notifications be sent to staff/management if capacity is reached.

It can also be integrated with a themo monitor/temperature tracker, which provides a graphical readout with instantaneous temperature reading. Alerts can be sent to staff/management if a visitor is over a set temperature.

Number Plate Recognition
Our in-house License Plate Recognition Software (RapidANPR) utilises Intelligent learning technology to provide a cost effective, reliable and efficient Number plate tracking solution.

"Contactless" is the driving force behind a lot of business changes, if you have manned entry gates, security gates, weigh stations you can implement an entry/exit system based on vehicle number plates.

Temperature Checkers
In environments where early detection of clients/patients temperature is essential, Temperature trackers are highly advantageous.

We have contactless solutions which can track people and provide an instantaneous temperature reading as they walk through an entry. It will alert staff if over a set temperature, so urgent care or quarantine procedures can be provided quickly.

We also have handheld devices with built in IR sensors for individual checks. These solutions can be utilised "off the shelf" or we can custom build solutions to your requirements.

Online/Menu Ordering on Phone (Restaurants)
Restaurants are looking to reopen soon and get back to business, however it won't be business as usual. Health & Government guidelines are being configured to minimise contact between customers, which is incredibly difficult in restaurants due to shared use of Menus, Condiments & Payment facilities.

We are currently working on an online Menu/Ordering solution, Customers can scan a QR code at the table to bring up the online menu on their phone, they can order directly through the online menu and process payment. This will reduce physical contact with menus and staff members.

Contact us to learn more about these solutions.

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