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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Once again showing its leadership in POS technology, Datalogic Scanning's latest reader in the 8000 series, the PM8500, gives the industrial sector a leg up.

The PowerScan PM8500 Imager is well suited for a warehouse environment. It stands up to tough environments like a warehouse, which may have extreme temperatures, high levels of humidity, a great amount of pressure in the atmosphere, or even radiation and shock.

Some features, that are available on some other Datalogic scanners, are Green Spot Technology and Double Good Read LED. Along with a loud beep, these features show the user whether a scan is successful. They will be able to tell whether a scan worked regardless of the level of noise and activity in the warehouse. Another aspect that guarantees accurate reading is the mega-pixel sensor. The sensor allows the scanner to pick up 1D and 2D images.

The PM8500 is cordless and is free of wi-fi interference. A cordless reader is ideal for a warehouse environment because it helps prevent injury. Warehouses are very active places and it may be hard to notice wires in time to avoid tripping on them. Having a cordless system avoids this problem entirely.

Though wi-fi interference is not very common, it is still a struggle for businesses. Wi-fi interference is usually caused by non-802.11 (wireless LAN) devices, like a microwave or a cordless phone. However, there is something called co-channel or adjacent channel interference, when 802.11 networks interfere with each other. Wi-fi interference can cause significant problems in an environment where scanners are used as they also use wireless technology.

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