Datalogic enhances scanning capabilty with Gryphon GBT4100

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Datalogic pushes the brink in scanning technology through the introduction of the new Gryphon™ GBT4100 Imager. This scanner contains all the elements expected in a high-quality piece of essential business equipment. The beauty of this particular scanner is the mobility and increased capacity of storage and number of scans per charge. Retail distribution companies will relish the 33,000 scans per charge capacity of the Gryphon™ GBT4100 Imager. The broad range of 90 ft from the data point allows scans to quickly be entered into the primary database. Outside of the 90 ft range, the scanner can memorize up to 1200 reads. These features allow users to move freely around the warehouse or storage area to collect necessary data without thinking about how far away they are or when they will run out off battery. The 33000 scans breaks down to over 9 hours of continuous scanning at one scan per second. The memory of 1200 scans would provide 10 hours of continuous work based on one scan every 30 seconds.

The Gryphon™ GBT4100 Imager not only provides excellent performance for an retail or industrial distribution or tracking facility, but contains the flexibility to be used in multiple environments. The mobility and memory capability enable the Gryphon™ GBT4100 Imager to be effective in ticket reading situations for concerts or athletic events. Using Datalogic's 'Green Spot' technology, the Gryphon™ GBT4100 Imager effectively alerts the operator of a good read, even in raucous environments or situations demanding quiet. The scanner can also be used while charging in its cradle.

If you are looking for a high quality scanner for your business, the Gryphon™ GBT4100 Imager will leave you satisfied.

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