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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Datalogic Scanning, in an effort to increase mobility and efficiency in the retail and light industry markets, has released the Gryphon I GM4100 linear imager, part of its family of cordless products.

Without all those cords getting in the way, workers in retail and light industry can move faster, which helps each worker to get the day's work done more quickly. Another feature to come to workers' rescue is Datalogic's 'Green Spot' technology. 'Green Spot' gives a visual signal to indicate that a bar code has been read. 'Green Spot' technology works by projecting one laser onto the image, then when that laser has detected the image, a second LED projects a green spot onto the bar code image. Seeing a green spot indicates that a scan has been successful. Having a visual signal helps to determine whether a bar code scan has worked, regardless of the level of noise in the environment.

The Gryphon I GM 4100 has another feature that can relieve the stress workers and managers might find with their bar code scanners. It has Datalogic's 'Scan-While-Charging' capability. No more searching for scanners to use because one or several have lost their charge.

All of these features sound great, but what else does this new model have to offer? Customers have a choice of whether to get their reader in 433 MHz or 910 MHZ reading frequencies. They also have a Radio Range of up to 30 Meters/98.4 feet in the 433 MHz version or up to 15 m/49.2 feet for the 910 MHz version. This allows for successful reads at longer distances than many other readers.

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