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Friday, March 19, 2010

Companies looking for performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness in POS solutions need look no further than Datalogic Scanning's newest handheld laser scanner, the Gryphon L GD4300. The latest scanner is ideal for companies with demanding conditions. For fast-moving, high-pressure environments, Datalogic's Green Spot technology ensures a consistently good read feedback and a reading performance of over 100 scans per second. It's designed to handle environments that are dusty and damp. Efficiency in noisy environments is improved by soundless scanning.

Many companies are worried about the expense and loss of production involved in upgrading the POS system. Datalogic answers those worries by providing, at no extra cost, its Aladdin installation software which is designed to ensure a smooth transition to full production with minimal down time. The Gryphon reader's light and ergonomic design helps operators work quickly and comfortably, improving productivity and reducing fatigue. For those companies concerned about service and replacement costs, Datalogic provides remote host downloads and a 5-year factory warranty. USB compliance and multi-interface solutions means that this reader can be integrated easily to many existing office environments. All of these benefits mean a strong return on investment and the assurance of a sound purchase.

With over 3 million handheld readers sold, Datalogic's POS experience is substantial. Over 30,000 customers have found success with Datalogic. The latest high performance Gryphon scanner ensures that even more will. Retail, light industrial, and office environments will all benefit from this addition. Whether industries are most concerned about speed, low maintenance, or operator comfort, Datalogic's newest solution can help.

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