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Monday, November 7, 2011

One of the most important parts of getting a sale done is by the help of a barcode scanner. A sale is never a sale if it does not undergo and ass through a barcode scanner. Different companies have different types of pos system. However, they are basically all the same in terms of the process and function that it undergoes in getting a job done and turning a sale into profit. But before all that, a scanner needs to look through the barcode of the item and match it with your system. This process makes the profit possible in the same way that is makes inventory one bit manageable.

However it must be noted that not all scanners are the same. There are those whose performance may not be a par than the other and there those whose features may not be compatible with your needs. This is the very reason as to why going over the several types of barcode scanners is a must as it will help one come up with the right choice.

One of the most common types of barcode reader is the pen wand. This type of scanner has no movable parts and is very durable and cheap. The only challenge that this type of scanner poses to its users is the fact that it needs to be indirect contact with the barcode thus it needs to be held at a particular angle and a certain speed.

Another type of scanner is slot scanner. These types are stationery where a particular item needs to be pulled through the slot. These scanners are basically used in scanning barcodes with certain identification cards.
CCD scanners on the other hand have better ranges as compared to pen wands and are usually used in retail stores. This scanners looks like a gun which needs to be held an inch or so on the item’s barcodes. However, its downside is that if the barcode is a lot wider, there is a great chance that it can not read it properly.

There are also image scanners that make use of a small video camera to get an image of the item's barcode. These cameras can read the picture of the barcode for items from up to 9 inches. They have almost the same performance as that of a laser scanner but they cost definitely lesser.

Laser scanners on the other hand can either be hand held or stationary. Mirrors and lenses combine forces in order to read the barcode of an item regardless of its orientation. Distance-wise, it can scan items as far as 24 inches away.

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