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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For the business that is looking to equip it's workers with the best all in one device that is both rugged and feature rich, Datalogic offers the perfect solution with their new PDA, the Elf. Elf is designed for the workplace, and helps businesses get the job done. It features Microsoft's latest mobile operating system Windows Mobile 6.5, which is powered by an XScale PXA310 processor running at 624 MHz. Elf features an interface that is fast, and easy to use.

The Elf has a list of features to make it the best mobile PDA. It has a 3MP camera, with auto-focus and flash on all models. It is also Bluetooth capable, and in WiFi(a/b/g) enabled. Other features include USB On-the-Go(OTG), and Push to Talk(PTT). The device uses a Penta-Band HSDPA, with integrated GPS also available.

The Elf stacks up to any of it's competitors feature for feature. Even though the Elf is designed foe business use, Datalogic has also made sure that it can withstand any commute, whether the device is in your pocket or in your bag. The Elf can withstand a drop of 1.5 meters, and is also sealed to protect against both dust and water. The Elf is one of the strongest and most durable PDA's available on the market today.

Finally the Elf has the option to add an integrated laser or 2D barcode scanner. Either option comes with Datalogic's patented Green Spot good read technology. This technology places a small green dot on every barcode that is successfully read.

The Elf offers workers the durability and power that is needed to accomplish any task. It is durable and flexible enough to take on the road and scan packages for proof of delivery, or take it to an office meeting, the Elf can handle any challenge.

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