Epson and Unimark Partner up, to Benefit the Travel Industry

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Unimark Products, LLC and Epson America Inc have announced that they are in agreement to provide cost-effective and reliable printing services to the travel industry. The two companies are set to collaborate and bring their respective expertise to the table. Espon America Inc is a world leader in printing and scanning, and Unimark Products, LLC is a provider in hardware to companies in the travel industry. Together the two hope to bring high quality solutions to the travel industry. Over the past thirty years, the retail, food service, and financial markets have experienced the commitment of Epson and now the travel industry is set to be added to this list. Unimark LLC is set to offer a variety of Epson printing and scanning devices to the airline and general travel industry marketplace. The intent to to create a “one-stop-shop” for these areas.

Mike Helm, Director of Sales and Marketing for Epson's System Device Group recently stated the following concerning the new partnership.

"Epson is already a household name in the printing world, and we have been impressed with the company’s engineering and creative approach to addressing this market. Our customers are looking for functionality, reliability, ease of integration and value – all of which Epson delivers. ...We are a growing presence in this market, and we're confident this partnership will be a win-win."

Unimark Products, LLC.
This privately held company is a leading provider of specilizer thermal prints and boarding gate readers. Unimark also focuses its efforts on creates label, tags, and tickets for the travel industry.

Epson America, Inc.
Founded in 1975, as a subsidiary of Seiko Espon Corporation in Long Beach California, Epson America Inc has had a a strong commitment to printers, precision printing and image scanning technologies ever since.

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