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Monday, August 23, 2010

The time has come for a new regime: Epson America, Inc. and Unimark Products, both leaders in their industries have officially teamed up. Epson America is a supplier of printing known for its value and excellent scanning solutions. Unimark Products is widely known as a hardware provider servicing the travel industry. These two leaders in industry have teamed up together and announced that they have teamed up to provide reliable, cost effective, exceptional printing and scanning solutions to the travel industry and its customers.

This partnership is something that has not been seen in the printing industry and shows what kind of strong commitment that Epson has to providing the exceptionally high standard and dependability that Epson has become known for in its 30 years of printing operations. Epson is now adding the travel industry to the listing of industries that Epson already services such as the food services, the financial markets and the ever growing retail industry. Unimark has the existing hardware solutions for Epson to build on, with Unimark's history of reliable boarding gate readers, industrial travel printers, mobile and portable check in carts. Unimark and Epson both have strong bases to build this blooming merger and business off of, providing a chance at grabbing more of the travel industry's dollars. By melding together, they provide a one stop experience for their customers in the travel industry.

Both Unimark and Epson feel like the other is the best company to work with for this kind of industry take over, as they both have had high values and expectations of themselves in their individual industries. With concerns like reliability, dependability, cost efficiency, and being the leader in any industry they work in, both Unimark and Epson have found each other with compatible goals and business ethics. And now, their combined efforts will move forward to bring the travel industry further into the technology age.

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