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Sunday, March 7, 2010

If you own a fast food establishment, you know how precious counter space can be. Your customers want enough room to store their tray on which their food will come from, while you need some of the counter space for your register and your receipt printer.

Epson has introduced a new front-facing thermal receipt printer. Its small size means that a business owner can easily fit it under the counter and thus save space on top for the orders of their customers. Epson has a long history of producing high quality printers for the home computer and small business owner markets.

The space-saving feature of the new TM-T70 model is appealing, but the product offers other advantages as well. Fast food customers frequently spill their drinks on the equipment, which can become an expensive proposition if a thermal printer cannot withstand a few spills. The TM-T70 improves upon the spill protection Epson offered in earlier models of its printers.

The spill protection and the small size may be the major selling points for the product, but the employees who need to work with the thermal printer on a regular basis will want an easy-to-use product. Employees can access the controls and the paper loading mechanism directly from the front. Placing the controls in the front allows the user to replace the ink and paper fairly easily. It also gives the user easy access to the display.

The product replaces an earlier Epson thermal printer, the TM-T88. If you are looking to replace your current thermal receipt printers with newer ones contact us for a quote.

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