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Monday, March 8, 2010

Epson’s expanded line of Point-of-Sale (POS) thermal printers presents small and medium-sized businesses greater versatility, efficiency, and cost savings than ever before.

Good News from Epson
Founded in 1942, Seiko Epson has long been known for high-quality and innovative products and marketplace adaptability. Their October 2009 press release announced their next generation of POS printers that continue and expand upon that tradition.

Size Isn’t Everything
The compact TM-T70 thermal printer may be small in size, but it’s big in operational efficiency. Standing at just under 4.5 inches tall, it needs less room than other models do. And because everything is accessed from the front face—receipt dispenser with paper auto-cut, status LEDs, and drop-in roll wells, this thermal printer allows even “cubbyhole” placement and makes maintenance even easier. Faster printing at 170 mm (6.69 inches) per second quickens the counter purchase process and increases operating efficiency. Businesses using this thermal printer can enjoy less wasted space, reduced effort, and improved man-hours.

Performance Counts
The TM-T88V thermal printer generates both text and graphics at an amazing 300 mm per second and introduced true grayscale printing into the POS equipment industry. Epson wasn’t satisfied with only one “first” in this model. As of this date, it is also the only ENERGY STAR-qualified POS thermal printer on the market. This model also offers a USB interface connection option, expanding configuration possibilities. 35 percent more reliable than the TM-T88IV, Epson backs this model with an astounding four-year warranty. From higher printing rates and greater printing versatility to lower energy costs, businesses using this model boost their profit margins in multiple ways.

From kiosk to conglomerate, all businesses using either of these Point-of-Service thermal printers can now skyrocket efficiency and convenience while decreasing their costs.

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