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Monday, December 5, 2011

Touch screen POS have revolutionized the efficacy and speed of getting a sale done. But nothing is perfect and no matter how expensive your pos is, it is not exempted form the possible errors that may or may not take place in time. Below are the three common problems that any pos usually encounter:

POS does not WORK
This is one of the most common problems of pos whether they'd be touch screen pos or just regular pos. This usually happens in the ribbon of the ink cartridge runs out. Replacing it is the most sensible thing to so but there are cases where after replacement it still won't work. If this happens, remember to check the compatibility of the ribbon cartridge. Remember that various brands have various compatibility standards so make it a point to buy something that will work well with your current pos.

Another problem that touch screen pos as well as regular pos face would be its inability to print. If this happens, make it a point to check all connections. There are times when this cable is not properly connected or that cable in malfunctioning and so on. POS machines have 3 cables which are color coded at the back. This is why matching this color with that color is easy. If one cable becomes loose, printing becomes impossible so remember to check and secure all these connections first before calling the company and asking for technical support.

Other POS Problems
Other than inability to print and work, there are other problems in relation to pos. This is why it pays to buy pos from a store that offers a good customer service as it will help lift one worry off your mind knowing that you have a back up tech support for any problem that may arise from the daily use of your pos.

You want your pos to function well. You want your pos to perform well. This is why settling for less or dealing with a pos that do not function accordingly needs to fixed right away. Remember that your touch screen pos will help you in improving your profits thus you need to have a pos that prints receipts, that works right and the like.

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