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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Gryphon(tm) | GD4130 General Purpose Corded Handheld Linear Imager Bar Code Reader steps comfortably into the Gryphon line of high performance scanners with reliable, accurate operations for retail and light industry businesses.

Scanning Capabilities
Using either the handheld or the optional hands-free set-up, the Gryphon GD4130 enables total control of scanning modes. Ergonomically designed with high range of motion allowances, the GD4130 lends confidence to its data capture capabilities.

1D / Linear code capability includes autodiscrimination of all standard 1D codes in addition to GS1 Databar(tm) linear codes. Stacked code capabilities extend to GS1 Databar(tm) Stacked, Expanded Stacked, as well as Stacked Omnidirectional abilities.

Datalogic's patented scan confirmation set, including laser beam, full-code confirmation, as well as the innovative Green Spot good-read confirmation ensures complete and accurate scanning of small or damaged bar code labels. Backed by the audio confirmation beep, efficiency and accuracy are assured for even inexperienced workers, reducing duplicate scan efforts and duplicate data entries.

Maximized Performance
Tailored to either POS or general purpose needs, the Gryphon GD4130 offers differing connectivity options. Retail-oriented point-of-service operations gear toward IMB 46XX, USB, RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, and Wand Emulation while the alternate configuration of Wand inclusion still offers multiple interface options.

Remote Host Downloads using Bluetooth(tm) technology enhances performance with reduced update down-times. The Alladin(tm) configuration program grants easy set-up and start-up procedures for both new and experienced operators, alike.

Durability Assured
Sturdy exterior construction reduces maintenance and repair costs by exceeding standards for drop tests of up to 5.9 feet or 1.8 meters. The Gryphon GD4130 earned a coveted IP52 seal rating against moisture and dust, for challenging work environments, reducing costs and worry for businesses that watch profit margins.

The Gryphon | GD4130 General Purpose Bar Code Reader proudly extends the highest performance standards for efficiency, durability, and flexibility for retail business and office or light industry bar code scanning operations.

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