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Friday, February 5, 2010

Honeywell & UPS: are teaming to supply a new type of handheld computer designed especially for motorists using UPS technology. It will improve communications links and includes extra market-leading features. With more than 100,000 Honeywell new mobile UPS computers anticipated worldwide; it makes good sense to consider upgrading to Honeywell superiority in other areas as well!

Just What Does This New Device Do Precisely?
This particular Honeywell mobile computer includes pioneering cellular technology with unique between cellular carriers ‘on-the-fly switching’! What’s that in plain English then? It simply means that the computer has the ability to jump automatically to a different cellular carrier in the event that the chosen carrier’s signal is lost or unavailable.
Coupled with Honeywell’s refined 2D imaging capabilities, undoubtedly this innovative industry-leading technology will guarantee both the excellent reliability and superior package tracking that customers expect Honeywell to bring as a global leader in the delivery field.

It’s been termed as the DIAD V (Delivery Information Acquisition Device V), and at around half the size & weight of its predecessor (DIAD IV); this new, extra durable mobile computer comes with the following features:
*High-tech colour display & microprocessor including significantly expanded memory to support driver training & future applications such as navigation. E.g.: DIAD V makes use of display maps to assist with traffic jam avoidance.
*Proof-of-delivery colour, auto-focus, flash camera that will assist with resolving customer claims more efficiently and quickly.
*Speedy Wi-Fi support (600 mbps) which will enable larger and superior content downloads simultaneously to more than 90,000 drivers.
*2D imager capable of decoding many symbologies such as on hand UPS linear barcodes as well as UPS Maxicode. This enables faster upload of package information from when initial pick up. The 2D imager makes capturing a recipient’s signature easy to read!

Field testing should commence late 2010 a multi-year, global deployment hoped for in 2011 with approval for operation in more than 100 countries. Global Sales Australia Honeywell is regarded as one of the Top Admired Companies in the world; and that’s a fact! You can certainly count on Honeywell brand products, so why not take a look at our fantastic range of quality Honeywell products, POS supplies and electronic equipment available now at POSMarket?

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