Honeywell Pledges One Million In Aid To Haiti!

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Honeywell: World Leading Technology Solutions Company Pledges One Million In Aid To Haiti!

As a longstanding partner for worldwide humanitarian relief, leading POS supplier Honeywell recently announced that they will commit $1,000,000, including 100% match of employee donations as their contribution to fund the Rebuilding Together's Revitalization & Rebuilding Projects in Haiti. On top of the million dollar pledge; Honeywell has also made their business jets available to enable the delivery of the much needed 1,500 lbs. of medical supplies which includes vitally-needed antibiotics.

Just Who Is Rebuilding Together?
Rebuilding Together is a large, hard-working nonprofit organization that provides both relief and instills the preservation of home ownership via volunteers, business owners, tradesmen and major corporations with a desire to help those less fortunate or in need.

Whether it be critical home repairs, maintenance, repair programs and rehabilitation of community centers as well as many other helpful projects; this amazing aid organization completes in excess of 10,000 projects per year.

Rebuilding Together has been working with Honeywell (a company BTW that has a long-established partnership in the provision of aid) to supply direct aid by means of cash and service for the earthquake victims and various relief efforts in Haiti.

Tom Buckmaster, President of Honeywell Hometown Solutions and Honeywell’s Chairman and CEO Dave Cote has stated that one of their goals is to get aid as quickly as possible to those in need as well as to leave a long-lasting legacy as they assist to rebuild affected areas. By helping to get the much needed medical supplies to Haiti is one way that they could help. He has also stated that the company is proud of the number of employees that have made significant contributions toward providing this greatly needed assistance.

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 leading manufacturer of diversified technology solutions for countless applications including highly specialized automotive products, control building technologies for turbochargers and many other technologies. Honeywell also manufacture POS products and electronic equipment for many industry solutions including various models of Linear Barcode Scanners which are suitable for retail, manufacturing, warehousing, education, healthcare and agriculture applications just to name a few.
If you are in the market for scanning devices as well as other POS products or perhaps considering upgrading your current equipment ; why not take a look at the fabulous Honeywell / Metrologic Linear Barcode Scanners we have in stock? Purchase from a manufacturer that not only has the highest quality products but is also a leading participant in the world’s humanitarian projects such as we have seen here with regards to assisting Haiti.

Visit our Honeywell / Metrologic pages here at POSMarket today.

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