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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Honeywell Specials
We have teamed up with Honeywell to offer some incredible EOFY pricing on Barcode scanners, Mobile computers and Label printers.

Pricing is valid until the 30th June so get in quick. Check out the items below and purchase straight from the links or call our team on 1300 737 998.

We also have special pricing on larger quantities of these items, if you need bulk quantities contact us for even better pricing.

Handheld Barcode Scanners

Voyager 1250G
The Voyager 1250G is one of the best laser scanners on the market, which offers incredibly fast scanning on all traditional 1D barcodes. It includes a hands free stand and has a plug and play USB interface, just plug in to your PC/POS Terminal and start using.

Voyager XP 1470G
The Voyager XP 1470G is designed for Retail stores that want to upgrade to 2D scanning. This incredibly robust scanner can read all 1D barcodes and also reads 2D barcodes (such as QR codes), even from mobile phone screens. This makes it the perfect solution for scanning labels/tags and scanning customer coupons and loyalty cards from mobile phone screens. With a plug and play USB-HID interface cable and hands free stand, this scanner is incredibly good value.

Xenon XP 1950G
The Xenon XP 1950G is the latest in the top of line Xenon range (replacing the popular 1900G). This scanner is built for extreme use and incredible reliability. Reading all 1D and 2D barcodes with incredible accuracy, the Xenon range is so good its been trusted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Cordless Barcode Scanners

Voyager 1202G
The Voyager 1202G is a cordless 1D laser scanner built on the worlds best selling laser scanner platform. With an easy to handle ergonomic design, presentation charge/comms cradle, this scanner is built for all day scanning of 1D linear barcodes and performs exceptionally well on poor quality and damaged barcodes.

Voyager 1472G
The Voyager XP 1472G is the perfect all purpose scanner for retail stores, especially if you have a range of item sizes. Its unique charge/comms cradle allows you to use the scanner in presentation mode, so you can swipe barcodes for automatic reading without picking up the scanner. For larger items you can pick up the scanner and scan items straight from your customers trolley, up to 25m from the cradle.

With the ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes, its also perfect for reading customer coupons or loyalty cards from their mobile phone screen.

Xenon 1952G
The Xenon 1952G is the cordless version in Honeywell's renowned Xenon Range, replacing the 1900G. This scanner is built for Extreme use in mission critical environments, so perfect for fast paced Retail environments that deal with a lot of transactions and long queues. This scanners works in presentation mode when in the cradle, and can be picked up to work wirelessly if you need to scan large items in trolleys. Designed to withstand 50 drops from 1.8m, and 2000 tumbles from 0.5m, this IP41 rated scanner is built to just keep working.

Presentation Barcode Scanners

Orbit MS7120
The Orbit MS7120 is the best selling hands free omni-directional scanner of all time, and for good reason. It is the perfect scanner for Retail and Grocery stores where you only need to scan 1D barcodes. Its compact form is great for counters with minimum space and allows it to be picked up if needed to scan bulky items. With a plug and play USB interface, it will work with any POS system that uses a USB scanner.

Orbit 7190G
The Orbit 7190G takes the compact form factor and renowned 1D laser scanner from the MS7120, and adds a 2D imager scanner to keep up with changing trends in barcode technology. This unique hybrid scanner is a one of a kind, giving you the snappy and fast 1D laser scanning technology with a 2D imager that can read QR codes, even off mobile phone screens, all in the one device.

Genesis MS7580
The Genesis MS7580 is your one stop scanning presentation scanning solution. This omni-directional scanner is powered by Honeywell's Adaptus Imaging Technology 6.0, meaning it has unrivalled scanning performance on paper, labels, tickets, cards and mobile phone screens. With the ability to scan 1D, PDF and 2D barcodes, the MS7580 truly is a one stop scanner.

Mobile Computers

ScanPal EDA51
The ScanPal EDA51 is the perfect Android based mobile computer for light duty retail, DSD, pickup & delivery and field service applications. Featuring Android 8 with GMS, a 2D scanner, Full touch screen and power supply included, the EDA51 is ready to use straight from the box.

ScanPal EDA60K
The ScanPal EDA60K is perfect for light industrial usage. Built on Android OS, it also features a 30 key physical keypad for users who prefer to use physical keys. With 1D and 2D scanner options, it's well suited for Picking & Packing in warehouses, Retail inventory management and e-commerce logistics. It has also been ergonomically designed to make it easier to handle for all day use.

Label Printers

The PC42D is a compact and easy to use 4" Direct thermal label printer. This desktop printer is perfect for printing low-mid volume thermal labels, such as shipping labels, product labels, healthcare laboratory labels, wristbands, price tags and receipts. It has USB, Serial & Ethernet interface as standard, so you can use connected to one PC or terminal or connected to your network for everyone to use. If you are looking for a simple and cost effective label printer, you can't go past the PC42D.

The PC42T is the Thermal Transfer model in Honeywell's cost effective desktop printers. This printer can use a Thermal Transfer ribbon to print long lasting labels, but can also print in Direct Thermal mode for shipping labels or shorter use labels. Unlike competitors printers, this desktop printer can take a large 300m ribbon, which means less ribbon changes and more cost effective consumables. With USB, Serial & Ethernet interfaces, the PC42T is the best value Thermal Transfer printer available.

The PM42 is an easy to use industrial printer designed for high use and maximum reliability. It's perfect for printing large volumes of labels, either Direct Thermal or Thermal transfer. With a full metal housing and full colour LCD display, the PM42 competes with high end industrial printers at a fraction of the cost.

The PM43 is the 4" Industrial printer in the famous PM series, which was formally made by Intermec. These are top of the line industrial printers designed for demanding applications. With a variety of enclosure sizes and multiple connectivity options, the PM43 is a workhorse that can be configured for any environment.

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