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Monday, May 19, 2014

Building on the popularity and success of its Melbourne location, Japanese casual clothing retailer Uniqlo will soon be available to Sydney residents.

It will be the second Australian store for the retailer that has, in typical Japanese fashion, systematically expanded to the degree that it now has a presence in 16 global markets.

The new store will be sited at the Pitt Street Mall and is estimated to be open in time for Christmas, although a firm commitment regarding the actual date has yet to be made.

Strong sales at the Melbourne location and online sales to Australians from across the entire country convinced the retailer that Australians had an interest in Uniqlo’s mix of casual private-label clothing with a few well-recongnised brand names. The clothing line attempts, and judging by consumer response all over the world succeeds admirably, at its stated goal of producing clothing that is conscious of fashion trends, yet retains its relevance beyond the latest fads.

The company’s marketing strategy is sometimes compared to that employed by American retailer The Gap, basically meaning that they control their own manufacturing, distribution and sales, giving them more control at all stages of the process. It also enables them to avoid the price wars that are typical for retailers who compete with each other for inventory as well as customers.

Given the Japanese cultural penchant for taking long-term perspectives, it would seem as though Uniqlo is content to take a wait-and-see approach to further Australian expansion and it would also be logical to predict that continued success of the Melbourne location combined with a good showing in Sydney would lead to additional locations in those two cities, along with added locations in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Australian sports fans will recognise the Uniqlo logo from the shirts of golfer Adam Scott, who was wearing their shirts during the course of his 2013 win of the U.S. Masters golf tournament in Augusta, GA.

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