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Monday, June 14, 2010

Computers, printers, cables. To some it all sounds so technical. However, remember it is becoming a technical world.

Operating a profitable business can at times appear like a puzzle. And believe it or not, one of the missing pieces to that puzzle, even today is a lack of report generating technology. Actually that is what computers were initially created for, revealing data about the financial side of the business.

Automation, or technology as we call it, can tell you how you are doing on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis just by a couple of mouse clicks. Wouldn't it make sense to be able to view and understand every week or month where your sales numbers are so you can make adjustments?

Increasing sales equates to increasing revenue. We hear, "more sales...more sales," but an underlying need is more profit. More profit pays the bills and creates avenues for growth within an organization.

Most any business today functioning with a “hand write” invoicing system may only realize how profitable they are one day per year. Primitive business mentality by making business decisions based on the balance in your chequebook is a recipe for early retirement. The type of retirement lacking any benefits that is.

Today's computer and software platforms put you in complete control of your future. Maintaining inventory levels alone is a substantial time saver. Then think about how long it takes to handwrite an invoice, total it up including sales tax and present it to your customer. The use of calculators, pens and paper to create an invoice for a customer sends a message to that recipient that may be less than favourable for your business.

More information, better image, increased sales. It’s just that simple.

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