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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One of the newest touch screen devices to hit the market is from Microsoft Australia with the company having just unveiled the new tablet computer called the Microsoft Surface this morning in Sydney. It is aimed at the retail industry offering to better assistance with customer interaction with various enhanced digital data and content service.

The new device is a 76cm / 30 inch touch screen computer table designed for simultaneous multiple users handling up to 50 touch points at once. This product was first launched for use in Lonely Planet stores allowing users to upload various Lonely Planet Guides directly to their customer account card by using the device. It permitted them to select various pages and information from the guide that they specifically wanted and then bring it up later on their own PC at home or wherever.

The Windows Surface Touch Screen Table is targeted at both businesses and consumers (the latter group being sold directly via Microsoft). At $21,000 for the consumer model it is well out of the price range of most consumers, therefore making the $24,500 business / developer unit the more feasible option.

According to Danny Beck, the senior enterprise marketing manager; Microsoft is at present discussing the installation of the device with various retailers. They currently have partnerships in place with Curtin University and the ANZ Bank but are also talking to the country’s largest retailers about installing Windows Surface products. Overseas clients that are currently employing Surface devices include AT & T, Vodafone and Lonely Planet.

How Will This Affect Your Business?
Microsoft Surface Computing enables an entire new way for customers to interact and obtain information by engaging the senses as well as improving collaboration and empowering consumers. Microsoft is undoubtedly the forerunner when it comes to the best connected software, hardware and services therefore pushing computing boundaries and pioneering new experiences which break down barriers between innovative technology and the end-user. This allows for unprecedented opportunities for retailers to engage and better communicate with people. For more information please look at our info pages on touch screen technology or touch screens.

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