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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Apple seems to be at the forefront of technology these days and often leading the charge into the previously unthinkable is their wildly popular iPhone. Now, iPhone and VISA are teaming up to bring another technological leap to our ever increasing mobile world. The credit card company will soon be conducting a trial run for a contactless payment system for the iPhone. The system would require a special case to wrap around the iPhone which has been developed by DeviceFidelity.

The software for VISA's contactless mobile payment platform has already been developed by DeviceFidelity using the microSD card slot. Apple's iPhone however does not have a microSD slot, so DeviceFidelity developed a new case containing the microSD slot that attaches to the iPhone via its docking port to add the payment capability. The name of the contactless payment system is In2Pay and it works with VISA's payWave contactless payment system.

The new mobile contactless payment system works just the same as contactless credit card transactions currently operate. Transactions using the system are completed by waving the mobile phone in front of a contactless payment terminal. The In2Pay add-on is compatible with any size SD card and is already operating on many of the major mobile operating systems such as Windows Mobile and Research in Motion's Blackberry. The new case developed by DeviceFidelity will be compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS.

DeviceFidelity's In2Pay system is compatible with nearly 65% of mobile phones and PDAs on the market today. In addition to VISA, the program supports other major payment networks such as MasterCard Paypass and American Express Expresspay. The company believes their program is the best way for banks and customers to jump into mobile contactless payments. In2Pay is independent of from mobile phone and would prevent banks from having to work with individual mobile phone manufacturers and carriers.

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