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Thursday, February 11, 2010

It’s interesting how that in this modern age of electronics and automated systems to run all manner of applications more efficiently, reduce various costs and basically do better business; consumers still prefer a real-life customer service assistant over a computer any day! Online retailing may indeed be growing in popularity but at the end of the day; most folks like a network of high street stores and businesses in which to shop, trade or return goods and services. No doubt technology powering out-of-store transactions has more than quadrupled over the years, but the format of real life retailers has also advanced significantly. Are you aware that portable POS technology can boost operations on the high street?

Welcome To Mobile POS Solutions!
Mobile POS equipment and technology is indeed an evolutionary leap forward from the traditional fixed checkout point design of the cash register way back in 1879. Mobile POS solutions, as the name suggests allows shop assistants to easily access every feature of the traditional fixed POS cash register from any location within the store.

These fabulous modern day POS devices can also connect to detailed and up to date information on pricing, product features, stock levels and the latest weekly specials or daily in-store discounts. Further progress in wireless security also means that electronic payment transactions are easily processed from virtually any shop floor location.

How Does Mobile POS Solutions Help Retailers?
For example if a client wishes to buy a garment in a particular size but it isn’t available; the shop assistant can use their mobile POS tool to ascertain both stock and availability in the store’s stock room saving both the customer’s valuable time as well as that of the staff. The information can be directly relayed from shop assistant to customer making a more enjoyable shopping experience. The provision of a link between shop floor staff and the store’s back office systems via mobile POS system solutions advances in technology help transform traditional or old-fashioned stores into today’s fast-changing mega-retail industry market.

The majority of retailers today have a high street presence, online facility and an over the phone order capacity with most customers expecting to be able to utilize any or all of these conveniences if they so choose. Customers of today’s retail industry expect to be able to order, return or exchange goods via any of these methods of service. Mobile POS systems permit retailers to tender these multiple purchasing options. In the past, if the item wasn’t traceable or simply out of stock; chances are the sale would have been lost but with POS mobile solutions it’s an entirely different situation.
POSMarket deal with the world’s leading technological and electronics manufacturers and suppliers; so why not take a look at our fabulous range of quality POS mobile solutions for your business? We are here to help in any way we can. Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help you find the right POS solution that suits your particular needs.

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