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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zebra’s compact RW 220 and RW 420 Mobile Printers improve mobile productivity options for businesses that operate outside the office.

Compact Mobility
The RW 220 Mobile Printer takes the field with a 2.20-inch (56 mm) media outlet that prints a 203 dpi resolution at three inches (76 mm) per second. The RW 420 Mobile Printer brings a 4.09-inch (104 mm) media width with a 203 dpi resolution at three inches (76 mm) per second. The RW 220 and RW 420 direct thermal printers also provide vehicle mounting brackets and charger sets to ensure printing operations continue unhindered whether in a vehicle or in the office without reduction in productivity.

The RW 220 and the RW 420 allow view angle adjustment for easy viewing without hindering the printing process.

Printing Versatility
Both the RW 200 and the RW 420 Mobile Printers allow multiple direct thermal printing styles and formats with 25 bitmapped fonts plus one scalable font and extends user convenience by allowing user-defined fonts and graphics. The models also increase business profiles in the market by printing customizable logos!

The optional international character set enables non-English printing availability for additional user adaptability and convenience.

High memory capacities allow the RW 220 and the RW 420 Mobile Printers to not only generate barcode labels but also print precise graphics, complex receipts, even simple routing printing, and invoices, using inborn or optional wireless technology.

Mobile Durability
The RW 220 and the RW 420 Mobile Printers meet rugged work environments head-on with their impact-resistant, dust-protected design.

The rubber overmold grants each model six-foot drop protection, reducing replacement costs, and the models proudly earned a IP54 dust and water resistance rating, enabling businesses and industries the highest degree of confidence of use.

When fast-paced businesses and industries need mobile direct thermal printing, the RW 220 and the RW 420 offers mobility, reliability, productivity, and durability in rough environments.

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