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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Integrated mobile computing systems industry leader Motion Computing® announced in January a stunning addition to their C5 mobile clinical assistant (MCA) and F5 tablet PC models. This breakthrough will add a magnetic stripe reader (MCR), known as the EasyConnect MCR, to these already cutting edge technological devices. This will enable the powerful C5 and F5 to process point-of-sale transactions anywhere, anytime.

While the mobile technology industry is a fast paced competition with heavyweight contenders, Motion is very familiar with taking the lead. Motion Computing is one of the most advanced and dependable sources of mobile technology in the world. Whether it be the durable C5 MCA and it's combination of innovation and security, the F5 tablet PC with it's versatility and reliability, or any of it's other quality products and services, Motion Computing continues to impress even the most tech savvy customer.

Both the C5 and F5 have numerous features, such as digital cameras and barcode scanners, and the addition of the EasyConnect MSR will produce added appeal to all on-the-go professionals. The EasyConnect attaches to the docking connector, utilizing the built in broadband and wireless capabilities of these machines to deliver essential credit card processing anywhere the user desires.

In addition, Motion Comptuting announced a handy new case, known as the ClipCarry, to provide another series of options to the popular tablets. This case fastens to the back of the unit, making it easier to hold and carry. Users will be able to move about freely while using the tablet, allowing them to function productively in any environment. The device will fit into the standard docking station, allowing for fluent transitions that will eliminate pesky interruptions.

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