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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Motion Computing tablet PC Motion F5 has been named the winning commercial product by Constructech Commerical magazine in the magazines third annual top product awards. The editorial team of Constructech magazine selected the winning product based on innovation, product description, uniqueness and usefulness for the construction industry. Also factored in was the growth rate for a product forecast throughout the next few years.

The Motion F5 tablet PC is a rugged and lightweight mobile PC with features built in such as RFID reader, barcode scanners, digital camera and wireless connectivity. These features help users maximize quality, shorten production times and lower costs. By delivering real time point of construction information and computing builders are able to better control projects and their costs.

Mike Carrozzo the chief editor of Constructech states the those in the construction industry are looking for products with the most “bang for the buck” to make the company better and more companies understand how important it is to stay on top of the latest trends within the construction industry. It was with this in mind that the magazine chose the Motion F5 as the top product of the year.

Also recognized by Constructech magazine were some of the companies Motion partnered with in designing the software for the F5. Vela Systems, FreightTrain and On Center where mentioned as key partners in making the Motion F5 Tablet PC an optimized product for the jobsite. The Motion F5 also received recognition from Constructech as the top product for the residential sector.

Motion Computing has become a leader in integrated mobile computing. Offering a product line of mobile computing designed to increase productivity while at the same time offering power, portability and security. The innovations by Motion Computing continue to allow companies to increase quality and productivity at a reduce costs.

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