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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mobile computing devices have always been vulnerable to power issues. Batteries obviously provide the lifeblood to the tablet but mobile computers are meant to be utilized everywhere and anywhere. So it begs the question: "How do you keep your battery charged"?

New peripherals were announced by Motion Computing in 2009 to improve adaptability and mobility for its tablet PCs. Battery charging is more versatile now with The Ready Dock and external battery charger for the J3400. They also have a new auto and air AC/DC adapter for all of their Motion Tablet PCs.

the Ready Dock for the J3400 Motion Tablet stores and charges up to 20 devices for mobile field professionals. The Ready Dock has a locking cabinet and can also be configured to store and charge five or ten devices for smaller operations. A small external battery charger is also available for the J3400. An interlocking design allows multiple devices fast charging in any location.

The AC and Dc adapter for cars and airplanes provides flexible charging for the J3400, C5, F5 and LE1700 Motion Tablets. You can charge from the wall, auto or airplane outlets. There is also a USB port so users can charge multiple devices including cell phones and cameras. It's small and light so it's easy to carry around all day.

Motion Computing is dedicated to providing solutions for the mobile workplace. Their Motion Tablet designs are specifically made for mobile field professionals that need trusted reliability in their devices. With the multiple docking, storing and charging abilities of The Ready Dock, users can be assured their tablets are safe and ready to go. The flexibility offered with the Ac and DC adapter allows users to charge at the wall, in the car or on a plane. Whatever your mobile computing need, Motion Computing and their Motion Tablet PCs gives you support for business success.

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