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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Motion Computing® announced in June 2009 that they have enhanced the Mobile J3400 Tablet PC with a high-speed processor. The faster processing speed allows quicker data input as well as simultaneous operations, reducing task-oriented time frames for businesses.

The rugged J3400 Tablet PC now offers two choices in processors: the Core ™ 1.4 GHz or the 1.6 GHz processor by Intel®. The 1.6 GHz processor allows faster speed and increased efficiency, all while maintaining the durability businesses have come to expect with the J3400 model.

Paired with the faster processing, businesses still get the dual battery design that allows all-day, on-the-go operations. When recharging becomes necessary, the battery charger and very convenient FlexDock allow quick, convenient charging options. The J3400 Tablet PC is completely sealed, making cleaning and sterilizing worry-free.

The Mobile J3400 Tablet PC offers input choices via the optional mobile, spill-resistant keyboard or the integrated pen device, complete with handwriting recognition programming, to give businesses operating functionality whether motionless or fully mobile. With WiFi, Bluetooth, or optional broadband connectivity, businesses stay in touch and up-to-date. Working outdoors is no longer a hindrance with the J3400 model. Wide-screen display and the Hydis AFFS+ LED Backlight combine with Mobile ViewAnywhere® technology to give you the industry’s best outdoor display available on the market. No more searching for a shaded area to fully read the display! Look, read, input, and go!

Choose either battery power or fully docked mode with the optional keyboard for easy desktop use, businesses still have the Vista Business operating system power, with downgrade option to XP if desired. FlexDock comes complete with four USB connections for full integration and expansion. The J3400 Tablet PC has available two additional power source adapters, an AC plug as well as a DC cord, that allow preservation of your battery power.

Motion’s new flagship tablet PC, the J3400, takes durability, mobility, readability, and other “abilities” to soaring heights that enable businesses to operate more efficiently and quickly.

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