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Friday, March 26, 2010

By definition motion is not still, and neither is Motion Computing. Their Windows 7 Professional edition operating system (OS) upgrade, announced in their October 2009 press release, multiplies the versatility, efficiency, and reliability of their entire line of Tablet PCs.

Efficiency in Motion
The Windows® 7 Professional edition operating system streamlines and enhances performance in the Motion Computing® J3400, C5, F5, and LE1700 Tablet PCs to new heights.

The Motion Computing® J3400 Tablet PC maintains its lightweight status, still at 3.6 pounds, and durability with rubberized exterior coating but now comes standard with additional versatility and adaptability. Windows® 7 Professional edition OS grants simplified navigation, greater pen computing procedures, and enhanced hand-writing recognition, to name only a few conveniences. The Motion® J3400 easily reverts to XP mode to run older programs, saving businesses conversion costs involved in new program and license purchases.

Durability in Action
The rugged Mobile® F5 Tablet PC—now with Gorilla™ glass for outstanding screen durability—also comes with the upgraded operating system. Fully integrated offline folder options and the integrated barcode scanner let businesses stay organized and up-to-date during even the busiest times of the workday. WiFi , Bluetooth™, and optional broadband keeps the Mobile® F5 Table PC connected while on the go, easing your communications concerns.

Healthcare Keeps Pace
The C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant embraces the operating system upgrade. Full advantages of Windows® 7 Professional bring healthcare mobility and functionality to the fore. Whether at a patient’s bedside or in a department meeting, the C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant’s ultra-convenient chart entry capability, pen scripting and handwriting recognition enhancements—all with multiple language functionality—bring efficiency to a finely tuned art. The C5 model still offers full compatibility with XP documents and programs and allows continued healthcare documentation compliance.

The operating system upgrade to Windows® 7 Professional edition ensures all the Motion Computing® tablet PCs complete the uphill work, so you don’t have to.

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