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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Motorola, Inc’s Enterprise Mobility Solutions division has revealed a new data capture design that is intended to remove errors and consolidate efforts across a variety of industries. The new DS6878 cordless imager series and the DS6707-HC, specialized for health care settings, are set to help companies and organizations improve the quality of work and care that they provide.

The revolutionary new devices that are part of the DS6878 line up are set to create a new standard of productivity and transaction speed. These devices are built on top of Motorola’s SE4500 scanning engine that excels in rapid data acquisition. Also included is Bluetooth® technology for cordless use and mobility. This makes it possible for the DS6878 series and the DS6707-HC to be used in a variety of settings that range from check-in counters to returns desks to entrance gates.

There are two models in the DS6878 series

As a general purpose cordless image capturing device, bar codes and labels are easily scanned and read. This device can also be coupled with a presentation cradle, it can accept and record images, documents, and signatures. This model is optimized for electronic record-keeping, event-ticket, management, airline ticket verification, and couponing programs.

This device is similar in many respects to the DS6878-SR with the exception that it is capable of processing United States drivers licenses. This offers a new range of applications. Age verification and credit research can be handled with this drivers license processing capabilities.

These devices also support optical character recognition and magnetic ink recognition for scanning or text or checks. Poor quality and damaged bar codes are not an issue as the DS6878 series employs a complex motion tolerance and omni-directional scanner.

Motorola Changes Patient Care
The DS6707-HC imager is a rugged and specialized device that offers the capabilities of a bar code scanner, document processor, and camera in a single unit. DS6707-HC is able to be cleaned using disinfectant without damaging the casing or internal components. It is designed to handle all the rigors of a medical environment.

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