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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Motorola’s new MC3100-series Mobile Computers redefines flexibility in mobile computing operations, per Motorola, Inc.’s November 2009 press release.

High Capacity
The new compact MC3100 offers big operational capacity and functionality in a small, ergonomic, mobile computing package. The MC3100 offers the high computing capability a business often expects in PC models, but its dual data entry and access features in key-based and touch screen operations exceed business expectations while meeting both composition needs.

The MC3100 is designed for multi-industry application and use. Granting smooth access and influence to inventory control, price/stock figures, shipping and receiving operations, as well as asset management, the MC3100 adapts to virtually any business configuration and operation.

Motorola’s MC3100 series mobile computers meet needs in government, retail, and industrial settings. Built to last in comfortable office settings or a dusty warehouse, mobility and efficiency are yours, all backed by industry-leading service and support in a one-year warranty package for normal operating conditions.

MC3100-series mobile computers give businesses choices—not ultimatums. Whether you prefer a keypad option of the 28-key numeric, 38-key shifted alpha, or the 48-key alphanumeric presentation, the MC3100 series gives it to you. The series also presents audio notifications and programmable LEDs for even greater convenience for businesses.

The MC3100 series offers different operating systems choices by model, depending on operational needs. Businesses are no longer locked into accepting less-than-ideal OS functionality, simply because the manufacturer determines what is best. All, however, come standard with the high speed Marvell Xscale PXA320 @ 624 MHz processor for lightning speed.

Additional Scanner Option
For businesses needing barcode label scanners, the Symbol SE950 1D laser scanner fits in nicely. The SE950 scanner gives businesses accuracy in scanning even those worn, damaged, and poor quality barcodes that can be found in dirty warehouses or on ill-treated retail items.

Conclusion—But Not The End
Motorola has practically outdone itself in the new MC3100 series mobile computers and peripheral equipment. Businesses have more choices than ever in exceeding needs in efficiency, adaptability, and durability.

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