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Monday, February 28, 2011

Over a year ago, Motorola Inc. announced the development of two new services that would soon be offered for to help companies with limited resources. Both were marketed to smaller businesses that needed localized management of mobile devices and wireless LANs for the least possible expense.

The first of these offers was the Managed Infrastructure Service. This service used a network management software called AirDefense. This network management software was for monitoring and troubleshooting problems with wireless LANs.

The second new offering was the Managed Device Service. Using the Mobility Services Platform allowed specialized remote troubleshooting for mobile devices, laptops, and barcode scanners. Even software updates and data dumps could be executed on stolen devices by remote control.

Motorola decided to capitalize upon their 75 years in the fields of communications technologies. Their reputation was based on being a long time provider in the field of managed services and a forerunner in the wireless industry.

Motorola was marketing itself as trustworthy to the consumer and technically savy with industry experience. This was achieved by promoting Motorola not just as a company selling software to the public, but as the company name that evoked consumer confidence.

Competitors AT&T and Verison both offer mobile and wireless management services to customers. While other companies like Sybase and Intermec offer device management software as well. Today mobile services management has now become more complex as the growth of networks and mobile devices. It is a central focus of modern organizations in the information age.

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