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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Symbol P370 Rugged Bar Code Scanner by Motorola enhances long-term productivity, efficiency, and mobility for businesses and industries that want high performance, maximized use of man-hours, and fewer limitations.

Designed for Continuity…
The P370 bar code scanner assists businesses and industries in workflow continuity with the cordless advantage of traversable range. Without the restrictions of a cord, the P370 enables a distance from scanner to host machine of an astounding 100 feet! By giving industries that large of a distance, the Symbol P370 gifts not only continuity by not having to dodge obstacles within the usual six feet given by corded models plus ninety-four extra feet of working space for just a single employee!

The P370 bar code scanner adds another facet of continuity by its rugged, impact-resistant design by:
· Passing multiple drop tests of up to 6 ft. (1.8 m) directly onto concrete: Concrete is the usual under-floor of material in most industrial locations. If the 1D Symbol P370 Bar Code Scanner can survive against bare concrete, just think how well it might last against retail, hospital, or commercial sites where there is usually padding to lessen the impact!
· Having an IP54 rating against dust and water—two of the most common contaminants.

Long life possibilities coupled with extraordinary unimpeded roaming range allows sooth, seamless operating for vastly improved continuity, production, and efficiency.

…And More
The P370 comes packed with even more operational improvements, such as the Flash memory that allows easy software upgrades while not locked to the host machine.

The pistol-styled grip reduces hand and arm stress and the ensuing fatigue, enabling the workers to continue scanning operations for longer time periods.

Whether businesses need it for more efficiency and productivity, or hospitals need it for mobility, or industries want it for tremendous cost-savings, the Symbol P370 Bar Code Scanner brings it all to scanning operations.

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