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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Motorola’s compact Symbol LS 9208i General Purpose Bar Code Scanner brings multi-use standards to new heights for fast-paced work environments.

There’s Speed…
The LS9208i bar code scanner brings to scanning functions what Formula 1 cars brought to car racing.

The omni-directional scanner eliminates need for exact alignment, speeding work flow, and the 100-line rastering pattern allows tremendous 1D data recognition rates, making pauses and delays in effort virtually disappear.

In single-line scan mode, the model allows a plus- or minus 60-degree pitch, plus or minus 60-degree tilt, and plus or minus 50-degree yaw, providing vast directional allowances to speed workflow without risk of losing or missing data. The omni-directional mode provides plus or minus 50-degree pitch, 360-degree tilt, and plus or minus 50-degree yaw, virtually eliminating duplicate effort required for data recapture and its ensuing costs.

…And There’s More Speed
The LS9208i moves easily from hand-use to hands-free mode, allowing smooth follow-through in larger item scanning requirements. The 100-line rastering scan and high degree allowances provide wide ranges of scanning capability, vastly reducing pin-point accuracy which can slow flow pace.

The model’s interface options grant businesses the mode that suits needs best and fastest, choosing between IMB, Keyboard wedge, wand, RS-232, Synapse, and USB, bringing the corded 1D bar code scanner’s versatility to additional dimensions.

Durable Control
The LS9208i rates well at 4-foot or 1.2-meter drops onto concrete and works exceptionally well in temperatures from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. The ultra-loud data acceptance alarm provides clear notice to the user, avoiding accidental duplicate scanning, giving businesses options of operating environments without worry.

The Advanced Data Formatting empowers users to adjust or modify data prior to sending it to the host, abating costly host software changes or replacements.

The Symbol LS9208i General Purpose Bar Code Scanner gifts businesses with high confidence in the versatility, efficiency, and productivity surrounding their scanning operations.

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