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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Motorola’s Symbol LS2208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner wraps convenience, efficiency, and productive cost-savings into a versatile, compact package for businesses and industries that deserve it.

”Go Get ‘Em” Attitude
If a machine could have an attitude, the LS2208 would have one! Built to stand up to harsh working environments and still give quality output, the general-purpose scanner surpassed durability expectations by withstanding repeated five-foot drop tests with no degradation of standards.

Even the exit window is built to take a beating and is scratch resistant, giving longevity to its product life and reducing maintenance or replacement costs for profit-oriented businesses.

The LS2208 offers a wide scan range from contact to 17 inches with accurate one-time data capture reliability, enabling effective work flow and reducing duplication of effort and per-action costs.

Ready to Work
The Symbol LS2208 1D bar code scanner revs up for quick, easy integration and use with the plug-and-play configuration with a solitary cable connection to virtually any computer set-up. Multiple interfaces with IBM, Keyboard wedge, Synapse, RS-232, Wand, and USB options all sum up to industrial or business versatility and lower costs.

Design Advantages
The LS2208 has a sleek, ergonomic design fits well and comfortably in the hand to ease strain and fatigue in even the busiest scanning environment. The one-scan capture allows quick work flow, and the option of either hand-held or hands-free operation allows flexibility for instant adaptation to changing conditions or user preference. Maximized for efficiency and comfort, the LS2208 brings productivity up and costs down.

The Advanced Data Formatting allows users to modify data, if necessary, before sending it to the host computer, saving corrections back-tracking and optimizing efficiency in high-paced businesses and industries.

The Symbol LS2208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner’s lightweight but rugged design, ergonomic comfort, and flexibility are perfect fits for retail businesses, hospitals, or other high-paced, highly demanding industries.

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