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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Motorola, Inc.'s Firescan Series of General Purpose Bar Code Readers compose a reliable trio in retail, hospital, light industrial settings, as well as for office automation.

Enhanced Performance
Lightweight and sleekly ergonomic, the Firescan D111, D131, and D141 models of bar code readers enable quick, accurate, and reliable scanning procedures and reduces arm, hand, and eye strain, enhancing performance and easing work flow.

Each model comes equipped with laser scanning that ensures accuracy and quick workflow. The longer-distance scanning capability enables surety up to 15.8 inches (40 cm), and the advanced data editing and formatting, standard in each model, assures data compatibility with host software.

Dirty or damaged bar codes no longer present the accuracy difficulties they once may have. The Firescan Series Bar Code Readers perform magnificently with Motorola's patented PuzzleSolver(tm) technology that pierces through label-borne obstructions and captures redundant encryption, vastly reducing stop-and-go work degradation and maximizing efficient man-hours.

The corded bar code readers perform equally whether hand-held or in accessory stands for hands-free operations and can easily be transferred from one scan parameter to another, opting for smooth motion or saving counter space.

Entrenched Reliability
The Firescan D111, D131, and D141 General Purpose Bar Code Readers withstand drops of almost 5 feet (approximately 1.5 m) and earned an IP30 rating, enabling confidence in continued efforts and reducing maintenance costs resulting from accidental and environmental damage. The three-year warranty Motorola presents reflects confidence in each model's long-term reliability; businesses and industries can anticipate reducing routine and emergency costs in their bar code scanning operations.

Varied Connectivity
The Firescan D131 General Purpose Bar Code Reader allows multiple connectivity configuration with USB, RS232, Keyboard Wedge, and Wand options. The D111 model configures perfectly with main IBM 46xx cash registers, while the D141 bar code reader grants uncoded reader applications such as flatbed scanners.

Motorola's Firescan Series of General Purpose Bar Code Readers offer businesses and light industries reliable performance, required accuracy, and operational convenience in busy operations.

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