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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Motorola’s LS4208-SR and LS4208-PR General Purpose scanners gift businesses with lightweight, durable comfort in cost-saving scanning functions.

Sturdy Use Options
The LS4208-SR and the LS4208-PR present sturdy construction in their design, allowing for worry-free, multi-line rastering scan procedures from either the standard hand-held configuration or via the optional Intellistand for hands-free operation.

Both models adroitly capture 1D images, and the LS4208-PR also scans PDF417, microPDF, and composite images; both models improve efficiency with one-pass scanning, reducing the necessity for duplicate effort that wastes valuable time. The wide-range capture capability and superjacent motion tolerance, coupled with the ability to withstand repeated six-foot drops, make the LS4208-SR and the LS4208-PR a tremendous cost-saving and cost-effective asset for fast-paced businesses.

Expanding Comfort
Both the SR and the PR models offer the ultra-convenient dual function of Checkpoint Electronic Article Surveillance capability, miniaturizing need for additional counter space and saving businesses thousands of dollars in equipment purchase, maintenance, and replacement costs.

The single circuit board design contributes to the sleek, compact footprint that fits comfortably in the hand, while allowing recognition expansion that matches the business’ growth, diminishing equipment replacement or upgrade costs. The LS4208-SR and the LS4208-PR aim to support businesses—not restrain them.

Easy Versatility in Action
The LS4208 General Purpose scanner pair offer multiple interface support for IBM, Keyboard Wedge, USB, Wand, RS-232, or Synapse—whichever fits businesses best and most easily.

Each model’s plug-and-play connectivity obliterates training hours and cost, and smooth continuous-scan functions enhance the efficiency and productivity of any scan-required business.

Remote Scanner Management enables network-based, remote scanner oversight and control, further improving efficiency and productivity for businesses that deplore reduced man-hours for equipment control and tracking.

Motorola’s LS4208-SR General Purpose scanner and LS4208-PR General Purpose scanner bring elevated standards and expectations in efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings to business markets!

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