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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Motorola’s Symbol LS4278 Cordless General Purpose Bar Code Scanner brings efficiency, productivity, and flexibility to retail, hospital, and commercial industries and businesses.

Long Lasting
The LS4278 offers a long battery life, tested to allow an average 32,000+ scans before needing recharging. Comparatively, normal scanning operations use an average of 4,000 scans per day, using a power reserve that recharges in approximately an hour, all but eliminating switch out times and vastly enhancing productivity.

The LS4278 bar code scanner earned an IP43 environmental rating, enabling reasonable protection against dust and water and has withstood repeated five-foot (1.5 m) drops without degradation of performance, minimizing businesses’ repair or replacement costs.

The model’s one-circuit board design allows not only the ergonomic profile but also eliminates a major source of equipment malfunction, further reducing maintenance costs.

Long Reaching
The 1D symbol scanner comes with Bluetooth™ technology, allowing a maximum radio range of 33 feet from host to scanner. The model allows an amazing 50-foot (15 m) total scanning radius of laser-driven data capture and 19 inches scanning distance from contact to bar code label, enabling greater mobility, efficiency, and productivity for fast-paced, continuous workflow.

The multi-line rastering scan pattern grants once-through scanning efficiency, and the excellent motion tolerance eliminates exact alignment requirements, increasing work speed and accuracy, regardless of label condition.

Long Capabilities
Connectivity in the LS4278 bar code scanner allows convenient configuration options by offering compatibility with IMB, Synapse, Keyboard wedge, Wand, RS-232, or USB interfacing, enabling tailoring to current equipment profiles and minimizing expansion and new licensing costs.

The handheld scanner defeats most detrimental lighting environments with its immunity to normal artificial indoor and natural outdoor lighting, enabling full versatility in business use determination.

Short Summary
The Symbol LS4278 Cordless General Purpose Bar Code Scanner presents such industries as retail operations, hospitals, and warehouse or inventory management businesses a full plate of productivity, efficiency, and flexibility in operations.

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