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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Symbol DS6708-DL General Purpose Handheld Bar Code Imager Scanner from Motorola combines the all of the DS6708’s advantages with enhanced performance, versatility, and convenience for those businesses and industries that require more than even the high standards of the DS6708.

Inherited DS6708 Advantages
The DS6708-DL contains all the advantages of the DS6708, such as both 1D and 2D scanning capabilities and omni-directional data capture. Then the DL model goes even further to present embedded and server-based parsing agents, enabling PDF417 bar code images and enhancing data security and redundancy for complete capture assurance and enhanced performance. With only that improvement, business and industries experience lower costs by avoiding multiple machine purchases, reduced software licensing fees for additional equipment, and lessened maintenance and replacement costs of multiple machines.

But the DS6708-DL doesn’t stop there.

Additional Advantages
The DL model’s PDF417 advantage enables users to capture the bar coding on driver’s licenses, which streamlines identification, coordinates with customer benefit packages, and special advertising and marketing campaigns, allowing highly targeted audiences, boosting potential sales.

Because parsing is scanner-based, and the user controls the output, the DS7608-DL removes many environmental conditions that can limit many scanning operations.

The DL model enables image capturing as well as superior bar code capturing. The 1.3 megapixel camera catches not only images, such as picture identification and returned merchandise, but also text for document upload and postal bar coding. Versatility and lowered costs are reinforced and amplified.

The Symbol DS6708-DL enables not only current interface compatibility options via multiple interfaces but also provides for future compatibility with advancing technology. The savings businesses and industries experience by reduced equipment purchases reaches thousands of dollars.

With all these conveniences and advantages--plus even more, Motorola’s Symbol DS6708-DL General Purpose Handheld Bar Code Imager Scanner proves to be more than a step ahead.

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